Meet the Volunteers



MIKE is married to Bev, an art teacher, and has daughters, Sophie and Jess. Sophie lives in Paris and works at the University of Versailles. Jess is a nursery nurse but sadly Mike and Bev have not yet managed to get her out of their house to free up the room! Mike used to be a PAYE tax specialist with HMRC large business service until he retired due to generalised anxiety disorder and depression in 2014. Since then, he has worked in a care home for young adults with challenging autism. He is no longer under the care of Worcestershire Mental Health Services. Mike likes to run, go to the gym, practise tai chi, listen to music on his hifi and support Hull City. He would like to learn how to use his DSLR camera. He is nominally the club’s Treasurer but did a bit of everything really until recently.

More volunteer bios coming soon.